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Medical News

Featured Health News from Medical News Today

Medical News Today: What to know about fissured tongue (Thu, 21 Nov 2019)
Fissured tongue causes a person to develop one or multiple grooves on their tongue. It is not usually a serious condition but can lead to some mild complications. Read this article to learn more about the causes and treatment.
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Medical News Today: Pink eye in toddlers: Everything you need to know (Thu, 21 Nov 2019)
Pink eye is a common eye problem in toddlers. Infections, eye irritation, and allergies can all cause pink eye. Here we look at symptoms to watch out for, treatment options, and prevention.
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Medical News Today: Blood pressure chart: Ranges and guide (Thu, 21 Nov 2019)
A person’s blood pressure is one indication of their overall heart health. Learn about healthy blood pressure ranges and when to see a doctor in this article.
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Medical News Today: What are the effects of emotional abuse? (Thu, 21 Nov 2019)
Emotional abuse is a serious form of abuse that can have both short- and long-term effects. Learn about how to spot the signs of emotional abuse and how to seek or provide help here.
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