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Charity Fundraising evening Ferhurst Club

A fantastic evening last night, Friday 16th June, at Fernhurst Club. A huge thank you to Asher and Alana and all those who put so much effort into the Charity Evening. Thanks to them, the Club, and the generosity of the members and guests, they raised £435 for our Charity. We will use it wisely to help provide the kit for new Responders when they are trained.  Thank you so much. Special mentions also go out to Jayne Lang and Willie Austin who entertained us with some amazing music throughout the night.  Thank you also to Richard Leishman who has kindly let us use the photos from the evening. All photos from this event on here are therefore © Richard Leishman 2017.

Lastly, a lovely gentleman called Pete decided he would have his long locks cut off, well right down to a "number 1", to increase the donations. Thank you Pete. Please wear a hat and use sunscreen now you have more skin exposed!

Great night out in Fernhurst Friday 16th June 2017 with proceeds being donated to HDCFR


New Website name

Along with our new name we have registered the domain

It is now be possible to enter just to reach our website. The old name will still work too!

Change of name - New Logo!

As our Group now supports and trains Responders in Petworth and Midhurst we thought it best to reflect that we cover more than just the immediate  Haslemere area. We are now the Haslemere & District Community First Responders. Same Service, better cover for our Communities.

We had a special visitor tonight - Pigaso from @HaslemerHogs Checked him over he just needed some Oinkment! Great idea from Haslemere and District Chamber of Trade and Commerce and raising funds for the Mayors Charities as well.


<< New image with text >>

Delighted to say 470 people were trained by us in CPR during the Restart a Heart Event. @SECAmbulance trained around 5000 in total Mostly children and young people. It is never too early to help them save a life when they are needed. Well done everyone

Last day of this years Restart a Heart Event organised by SECAmbulance. Once again we were at Liphook C of E Junior School and we were joined by Cllt Sahran Abetsundara the Mayor of Haslemere. Loveley to see you there Sir.

A huge thank you to all who helped train at all the schools, youth groups and local community groups during this week and a special thank you to Luara our CFR who did so much to organise and coordinate our efforts. 

Another great day on Restart a Heart at Liphook C of E Junior School this time. A wonderful team effort to with colleagues from South East Coast Ambulance, Surrey Fire and Rescue joining us with really enthusiastic children and Staff from the School. 

Today our Team are at Beacon Hill School at Hindhead but have already been out to St Ives School Haslemere, 1268 (Haslemere) Squadron Air Training Corp, and Northchapel Village delivering training for Restart a Heart. What a Team! - great work everyone.

Our two new Responders, kitted up and raring to go.


HCFR to take part in Restart a Heart Day

Did you know that More than 30,000 people suffer cardiac arrests outside of hospital in the UK every year? Less than one in ten survive (8.6%). When this happens in front of a bystander, who starts CPR immediately before the arrival of the ambulance, the patient’s chances of survival double. If we could raise our survival rates to match countries like Norway (25%), an additional 100 lives could be saved every week. Cardiac arrests are not confined to older people and when someone suffers in this way would you know what to do?


Along with our colleagues at the South East Coast Ambulance Service we are taking part in the Europe-wide initiative to teach people the skills to help restart a heart.


You are never too old to learn these skills and school children are also an important group to take on these life long skills.  Although the official date set is the 18th October 2016, we understand that this provides little flexibility for schools, community and youth groups and even us! We are therefore committing our resources including trainers and equipment to schools and communitity groups between the 12th October and the 18th October 2016 We are encouraging schools in particular to find out more by contacting us at




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